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Lony Krieger: Builder of Villa Gamila

Almost 30 years ago, Lony fell in love with the land between the desert and the sea. At a time when there was nothing in Sharm-el-Sheikh apart from a few hotels in Naama Bay, she took on the adventure and built Villa Gamila with a lot of love. Today Lony is 84 years old and still travels alone from Switzerland to her beloved second home. Lony primarily cares about the beauty of the house. So it is she who keeps the garden going and doesn't rest until everything is perfect again. Her entire family is eternally grateful for creating this wonderful home for us. 

Giving Back
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Monika Manse: Moni's Bed and Breakfast
Appointments on request

I emigrated to Sharm el Sheikh when I was 23 and lived in our house for 13 years. My children spent a large part of their childhood here. I love our clifftop home, the ocean, and the beauty of the Sinai Mountains. I look forward to every moment that I can spend alone or with friends in my second home. There's nothing better than sitting on the cliffs in the morning with a coffee and watching the day awaken. The warmth, hospitality and happiness of the people here in Sharm El Sheikh never cease to amaze me! Come and let me show you!

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Regula Fuchs: Tour guide in the desert and organization of the wellness and diving weeks

Sinai has been my second home for many years.

I am a passionate diver and love the Red Sea. That's why I will accompany you both on land and under water during the holiday weeks I have organized.
On our joint trips to the most beautiful places in Sharm-el-Sheikh, I will show you the beautiful nature, the sea, the happy people and the culinary specialties.

On my desert treks you will experience peace, sleeping under the stars and the best breakfast by the fire:-)

I am happy to answer any questions you may have and will do my best to ensure you have an unforgettable stay.

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